How to get self-help

Amtul Malahat
3 min readJan 18, 2021


Everybody understands the word ‘help’ right? Self-help is a kind of therapy that you can achieve on your own if you are suffering from depression or any kind of mental problems. This term needs recognition because you cannot rely on anybody for too long. You have to solve your problems, find your methods to improve yourself. Why it is necessary? Because people around you are not going to stay by your side forever. The World around you is changing faster day-to-day.

One thing to keep in mind is that commitment, be committed to yourself, keep reminding yourself that small things around you matter the most.

This problem is arising in youth mostly. Due to high competition and pressure from society. Teenagers and youngsters see suicide as an escape plan. In 2018, Study in the US shows that 30 suicide in a population of 100,000, and it mostly happens in youth aged 10 to 24.

The main myth in self-help means you can do whatever makes you happy. It is just not right because short-term happiness can lead you towards long-term sadness. In reality, to be a better version of yourself you need long term hold on yourself, which means you need to get out of your comfort zone first.

Another myth is incantations means that some online gurus advise people to recite the mantras ‘I’m the best’ kind of things repeatedly that they believe by heart. But unfortunately, this is never going to work if you challenge yourself to do things you are trying to do, it takes hard work and practice, but you can be there. Just question yourself or assign the task to yourself and stick to it.

Other myths involve that self-help is temporary and it is not for everybody. But this is not the case in actuality. Once you get to know yourself, you can achieve your desire goals

Self-help culture around the world is evolving on daily basis. There are a lot of societies and groups online that give you techniques for improving life without taking professional assistance.

This website here is helping lots of people

There are many books written on self-help and people get help from these types of books and improve themselves as a better person. But you can only get there if you want to, take a small step towards positivity. Many people think that reading a self-help book can be boring and you lose interest quickly. So, there is one piece of advice to read it in steps. Read a few pages at a time. Think about it, relate it to yourself then continue it.

Here, talking about pandemic because this last year has changed things a lot. Many people lost their jobs and businesses got shattered. This led to people devastated and helpless. It was really hard for people to stay in homes without panicking. In these times we need to take time for ourselves.

To start your self-help journey, start from small things even when you feel good for a second, look for things with positivity, try to hold them, keep a record of them, and plan your day accordingly. Write about yourself, about your negative thoughts, and do against them by forcing yourself. Prepare yourself for a healthier future.

The main thing here is don’t let other people and their accomplishments dishearten you in any way. It is YOU vs YOU. Once you get a hold of yourself properly there is nothing in the world that can let you down by any means.



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